Welcome to Blooming Self Love

Hello there!

We all have the ability to positively affect our wellness with a little guidance. My passion is to be that guide on this journey we call life. A life full of love, purpose and intention that empowers, uplifts, educates, and supports you by normalizing the conversation around self acceptance, wellbeing, and individual mental-health.

I spend a ton of time thinking about you when I write my posts and the focus of each point. Is it relatable? Is it informative? Is it eye candy or does it actually educate, encourage, and uplift? Do you, as my readers, get something meaningful out of following it? Most importantly, is it a representation of me? All of these questions, and more, are always on my mind.

Here you will find this blog is a mix of wellness, spirituality, and lifestyle posts – basically a little piece of everything. My hope is that when you look at my images, and read what I write, you feel like you know a little part of me. And like me enough to (hopefully!) tell a friend to follow me. I pray you find this blog to be an encouragement on your journey to knowing and accepting yourself just as God created you to be.

The Blooming Blanket Collection is a collection of super chunky hand knit blankets. The blankets range in size and color and are completely custom handmade. They can be used as a full sized blanket or a throw and anywhere in between. The passion behind Blooming Self Love the blog, is to be a space to encourage the love of God, self, and others. As a result, my cozy chunky knit blankets are handmade to represent this passion.