The Importance of Spirituality

Spirituality. What is it?

By definition it is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

We were all made to have free will to seek a higher connection. Made to spend time within ourselves, to look deep beyond our habitual routines of day to day life. To do this, we must put our egos aside. We are usually aggressively thinking about ourselves, obsessing over our wants, and constantly striving to push ourselves to greater success. Society tells us to place priority over our possessions and not our relationships, especially not our spiritual one. We are never truly satisfied, chasing the next momentary “feel-good”. Becoming so entangled with our egos we start to feel rundown, overwhelmed and exhausted. We will never feel fulfilled until we take time to intentionally focus on something more substantial than ourselves. Once we do this, our minds become free to explore the magnitude of life itself, bringing us connection and a feeling of peace. The atmosphere changes and becomes lighter.

Value of Rest

Taking this time for rest may be early in the morning or late at night before bed. Maybe alone in your car on your daily commute. By a body of flowing water. Outside under the sunshine. Maybe even in a religious space of worship and prayer. The beautiful concept about having a relationship with spirituality is you don’t have to go anywhere specific or be any specific way. There is an open invitation for anyone and everyone to grow this relationship. Immediately, we might find ourselves feeling more compassionate and loving towards all things. True spirituality is seeing every living thing with equal vision. We open ourselves to find love within, which ultimately comes from God’s love, the origin.

Spiritually minded people explain having a relationship with God; feel God is within.

I identify as a Christian. Through my personal relationship with spirituality and growing my relationship with God, I am more at a state of acceptance. Don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a few years. However, spending time in spiritual rest releases tension, anxiety, and fear for me. Here I learned what love, peace, wholeness, compassion, and selflessness is meant to feel like. In those moments when I feel extremely overwhelmed with daily life, I say, “Okay Naomi, I am feeling stressed. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now take another deep breath. This is bigger than me. I am not in control God is. He has a perfect plan for me. He will never leave nor forsake me.”

I found I worry and stress less about whether to make this decision or that, because I know ultimately I am taken care of. I have a place of refuge and I am protected. God will provide the skill, he will provide the knowledge, and the wealth. In this space with God is where I found my purpose and began the journey to finding my true self.

Naturally, we can not always be in a space of spiritual elevation owing to the fact a part of humanness is phases of struggle, pain, and hardship. The good news is spirituality teaches us, even in those moments, we are safe and cared for. We may never go where we believe we want to go but trusting we are going exactly where we need to go. We begin to make peace with what is now, in this moment. However, through a spiritual relationship, we become exactly who we are meant to become.

I challenge those of you who are most curious about spirituality to intently seek out time from your schedule to go within yourself. Explore the depths of your self holistically.

You are saturated with the divine, you only have to encounter it.

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