Cheers To Motherhood, Mama

Cheers Mama Celebrating Motherhood

In the midst of the worlds chaos, today I am celebrating not only my own motherhood but also the mothers who’ve shown to be powerful, fierce, courageous, yet inspiring, gentle and loving. I notice the tireless effort because it’s just what we do.

I am honored to acknowledge not only mine, but all moms who’ve left an incredible imprint on my heart forever.

Today, I am so proud to be a mama to the best baby who gave me the title. For some reason I don’t allow myself to step into this space of self praise too often. Yet, all of us truly deserve it!

With every picked flower placed behind my ear. Every drooly smoochy kiss. Every tight neck squeeze. Every nap on my chest showing me the many aspects of how to love and how I want to love even harder tomorrow and the next day. That’s part of this whole wild and magical journey of motherhood, right?

No matter what today means to you, I hope you are celebrating your motherhood. Above all, I hope it is more than special. Because mine sure is.

Happy Mother’s Day 💐

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