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This year has been unexpected in more ways than I can count. With that being said, Covid-19 pushed me into finding an unexpected hobby in my time of quarantine. Hand knitting chunky blankets. That’s right. Creating hand knit blankets, throws, and pillows. I found myself falling in love with the simplicity and peacefulness of using my hands to create such beautiful and practical pieces in my Blooming Blanket Collection.

What It Is

The Blooming Blanket Collection is a collection of super chunky hand knit blankets. The blankets range in size and color and are completely custom handmade. They can be used as a full sized blanket or a throw and anywhere in between. Some blankets are made from chunky chenille 100% polyester material, which is vegan, while others are 100% merino wool.

Why I Started Hand Knitting Blankets

In 2019, I was expecting my first child. You may have heard of expecting mothers “nest” as they prepare for their child. Towards the middle of my pregnancy is when this girl started to nest HARD. I had all the ideas, themes, colors, all ready to see come to life in the nursery. Peaceful, calm, intentional. That is the space I will welcome my baby into. As decorating finished, I noticed the nursery needed something extra special to complete the feeling of peace. As a result, I began the search for the perfect piece and finally, I FOUND IT. The most beautiful, plush blanket for the rocking chair. Only one problem, the price tag. Subsequently after that, I decided to make one of my own. I purchased the yarn material and went to work.

The process of using my hands to knit this blanket for my soon-to-be born baby brought a comfort over me I can’t explain in words. I simply, loved it. It was then I knew, I MUST share the feeling of love this blanket created with others. And most importantly, to make the blanket affordable for everyone to love.

First Chunky Hand Knit Blanket
After finishing my first chunky hand knit wool blanket when I was pregnant

The Collection

Blooming Self Love the blog is a space to encourage the love of God, self, and others. My passion is to guide you on this journey of living a life full of love, purpose and intention by empowerment, education, and support. As a result, my cozy chunky knit blankets are handmade to represent this passion. Thank you for allowing Blooming Blanket into your home and the homes of others to create this intentional space.

I pray each purchase of my chunky hand knit Blooming Blanket invites peace, comfort, and love into your space.

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