Meet The Blogger

Hey, I’m Naomi!

The truth is, I am plainly me. A mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a friend. I experience the world as an INFP. I am flawed and I am imperfect. Yet, I am constantly blooming into the best version of myself.

The lessons I have learned along the way have ultimately become a catalyst for me to share my transformation from the person I was, into the person I have become, and continually evolving into. I have learned how to give myself a little more grace.

Blooming Self Love is more than a lifestyle blog. It is a space where my personal journey of truly accepting myself is shared. I will share with you my imperfections, strengths, weakness, triumphs, and experiences. Find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone and become part of a community that prioritizes personal understanding, acceptance and ultimately growth.


My life’s mission is to encourage the love of self, others, and ultimately God. We all have the ability to positively affect our wellness with a little guidance. My passion is to be that guide on this journey we call life. A life full of love, purpose and intention that empowers, uplifts, educates, and supports you by normalizing the conversation around self acceptance, wellbeing, and individual mental-health.

Connection allows us to navigate our sometimes difficult, yet beautiful lives. While the world can be fast-paced with little room for mindfulness, we must make time to slow down and find time to breathe.

Together, let us continue to build a life of healing, growth, self-acceptance, mindfulness, love, freedom, spirituality, compassion, and truth wherever you may be on your journey!